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Solving, Powering, Refreshing Entity Management

Connect up secretariat, legal, finance, tax and HR teams with tools and data management for efficient collaboration.

Centralise and Connect

Solve the complexity of entity data through a single source of truth that powers up internal and external team collaboration.

Manage and Automate

Refresh your approach to entity management through automated workflows and one-click reporting to respond rapidly to stakeholders.

Control and Comply

Avoid fines for missed filing deadlines with advance alerts and maintain data at full readiness for audits, IPOs and M&A.

Visualise and Strategise

Power up your enterprise-wide strategy by extracting greater value from entity data through data insights and visualisation

Kube. Made by Kuberno.

Kube software is backed by the Kuberno team. A best-in-class solution, designed, built and supported by people with outstanding expertise and experience in governance and technology.

Customer Stories

Enterprises modernising entity management with Kube.

Success stories of businesses leaving legacy systems and manual entity management processes behind.


Diploma, a British business in the FTSE 100 Index, supplies specialised technical products and services. Previously managing legal entities with spreadsheets, they adopted Kube for daily use. This transition replaced the old, error-prone process with a more efficient system, revolutionising Diploma’s operations in the complex corporate world.

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After the Company Secretariat team was formed, their job was to centralise the company’s entity management data and enhance the accuracy of subsidiary information. Their goal was to establish a single, reliable source for managing entities globally across the business. Initially, they tried to merge spreadsheets, but this method fell short in terms of reporting capabilities.

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Kube has streamlined Citizens’ entity management process, allowing Citizens to easily input, access and amend information. Having a collaborative system drives efficiency across Citizens business lines and gives them confidence that all stakeholders are using the same primary source of data.

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Powerful networks for more effective governance.

Leverage the combined innovation, expertise and know-how of leaders in the governance space.

Capital Market Technology Innovators

Kuberno’s commercial partnership with Nasdaq Governance Solutions includes a planned product integration into Nasdaq’s suite of governance solutions.

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Preventing market abuse

Kube integrates with Cytec Insidertrack, offering first-to-market functionality as a solution for managing insider lists with privileged financial information.

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Governance community insight

Partnering with DMJ Recruitment, specialists in CoSec and legal roles, grants access to top talent to build our team, and valuable insights from the governance professional community.

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An interconnected ecosystem

In its entirety, the Kuberno ecosystem is composed of leading governance stakeholder businesses and organisations, including exchanges, Big Four accounting firms, and public registrars.

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